Her life is as hectic as ever. India's tennis sensation Sania Mirza has been shuttling to and fro for events in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. In fact, she feels that she's spent more time in India than in Dubai, where she lives with her cricketer husband Shoaib Malik since her marriage. The lady who's now recuperating from a knee surgery talks to CS about life post marriage:

Knot so different!
There hasn't been any drastic change in my lifestyle. But yes, marriage has added a new dimension to my life. By the grace of God, our relationship is wonderful and so far smooth sailing. Even when we were dating, we had built our relationship on trust and understanding, and the last few months have only strengthened our faith in each other. Temperamentally Shoaib is as cool as ice. He simply refuses to lose his temper, even when I am angry! And sometimes, that irritates me more than anything else.

Bahu banter
I'm not the typical homemaker, but I'm fine with doing anything that makes Shoaib happy, provided it doesn't make me unhappy (like maybe, cooking!)! I haven't had the chance to spend much time with my in-laws. However, I'd like to do so in the future. I really enjoyed the few days I spent with them in Pakistan. All the people I met over there too were very warm, gracious and welcoming.