Producer accuses Sanjay Dutt of keeping his film on hold and instead allotting dates to Ram Gopal Varma's next

While casting a major star helps boost a film's viability, it can also prove to be a bane. As producer Vinod Bachchan has learnt. According to the producer, Sanjay Dutt, who is part of his next film, has kept three days of filming on hold.

A source says that although Dutt had allotted the dates to Bachchan, he had to cancel them to prioritise Ram Gopal Varma's film. "Ramu required a couple of days from Sanjay, who didn't have any free slots. He gave four dates to Ramu that were earlier slotted for Vinod.

Besides, Sanjay's business manager and associate Dharam Oberoi is also a co-producer of Ramu's film," explains our source. Another source says that they're not getting Sanjay's dates for April either. He adds, "Sanjay is currently shooting with Ajay Devgn for the latter's production in Patiala.

After his return to Mumbai, he will fulfill his commitment to Ramu. He will then wrap up Vinod's film." The source further adds, "Bharat Shah is also involved in the production as he's financing and presenting the film. So he's also worried about the delay."

Dharam Oberoi, however, maintained that RGV's film is complete. "Sanjay is currently shooting for Ajay's production, and will wrap up his work this month. As for Vinod Bachchan's film, Sanjay will complete it after returning to Mumbai."

However, Bachchan claims RGV's film was prioritised over his. He states, "I've been told that Sanjay Dutt is giving dates early April to complete my film." Our source maintains that it will take at least a couple of weeks before Dutt shoots for Bachchan's production as he has a particular look for the film.