Sanjay Dutt uneasy about 1993 Mumbai blasts verdict

As the dates to the final hearing of the court case regarding his alleged involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts approaches, we hear that Sanjay Dutt has become quite a nervous man. And Dutt, who was tried under Arms Act, apparently paid a visit to a gurdwara in Nanded to pay respects.

Sanjay Dutt with Waahid Khan on his private jet
Sanjay Dutt with Waahid Khan on his private jet

Dutt was apparently near the Maharashtra town for some work related affairs when his close friend Waahid Khan suggested he visit the holy shrine.

A source close to the Dutts says, “Dutt, his family and friends are tensed as judgement day is coming closer.”

Sources say the actor hopped onto Waahid’s private jet to make the trip to Nanded.

Incidentally Waahid, a journalist turned businessman initially refused to comment on the matter but later replied saying, “Working as a crime journalist for eight years, I have seen Sanjay in court. I have witnessed the sufferings he has gone through. I wait for the day when he will be a free man.” 

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