'Santa' Mario Balotelli dishes out Christmas presents to strangers

Dec 20, 2011, 10:53 IST | ANI

Mario Balotelli dressed up as Santa and drove round in his car at Manchester to give away cash and gifts to people at random.

Rumours of the great giveaway started circulating after Ronnie Joice messaged: "Mario Balotelli is dressed up as Santa. Driving around Manchester. Giving out money to people on the street," the Daily Star reported.

Fellow tweeter House Party wrote: "Just seen Mario Balotelli stop his car and hand someone a bundle of money. He was dressed a bit like Father Christmas!!!! Oddest thing ever."

One of the users, John Petto, even posted a photo showing him clutching a gift he claimed was given by the Manchester City striker.

He messaged: "Just been handed a toastie maker by Mario Balotelli -- the guy is unbelievable. Quite shocked. Amazing."

Another said: "Just spoke to Steve Moran who got cash off Mario Balotelli in Manchester today. Mario had a blue Santa hat on but refused a picture."

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