Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding is reportedly planning to write a very raw, heartfelt album following recent trauma she has gone through.

The 30-year-old, who was involved in a holiday bust-up with ex-boyfriend Theo De Vries on New Year's Day, is taking inspiration from the breakdown of her engagement to Tom Crane in November and her time in rehab for alcoholism and addiction to sleeping pills, reported Daily Mirror.

"Sarah's been jotting down lyrics and writing songs for the past few months. As well as writing about the breakdown of her relationship with Tom, she has detailed her time in therapy, and been pretty explicit about her battles with drink. "There is some very raw, heartfelt stuff, not the kind of thing people will be expecting.

Sarah's had some pretty wild experiences and wants the album to reflect this," a source said. The singer's debut solo album could be released as early as late summer this year.

"After the year from hell in 2011, she is now desperate just to get back to her first loveĀ - music. She's had a few meetings and is getting a lot of interest from labels but hasn't decided which one to go with yet," the source added.