'Sardar Gabbar Singh' - Movie Review

'Sardar Gabbar Singh'
U/A; Action/Comedy
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Aggarwal, Sharad Kelkar, Raaj Laxmi
Director: KS Ravindra
Rating: 2 and half stars

We have seen one-man armies aplenty in Bollywood, but Pawan Kalyan in Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a one-man multiple army, if that makes any sense. This cop (Gabbar Singh) can maul an entire nation if he were in the right mood, and goons around him are in various stages of injury all the time as he gets punch- and trigger-happy pretty often.

Sardar Gabbar SinghA still from the movie Sardar Gabbar Singh

There must be some solid reasons to why and how Pawan Kalyan earned the kind of stardom that he has down south, but in this dubbed version of the Telugu film, it is really difficult to guess those reasons. In this story (written by Kalyan himself), Gabbar Singh is transferred to Ratanpur. The Ratanpur-ites are constantly terrorised by Bhairon Singh, who, with the help of his innumerable lackeys, loots, plunders, grabs land and generally does everything that a villain is supposed to do. One thing that strikes about this film is the number of necessary and unnecessary characters that are consistently introduced through the film.

One of Bhairon’s victims is the beautiful princess of Ratanpur, Arshi (Kajal Aggarwal), who bumps into Gabbar in a typically predictable backdrop of a jaw dropping waterfall. Gabbar and Arshi fall in love, but Bhairon has his eyes set on Arshi.

Kalyan has a way with guns, and he can twist things in hand rather deftly, but he’s no Rajinikanth for sure. Even if he has the charm and personality that could compare him to the legend, it was not too evident in this film. To top it, the outdated story even lacks genuine humour that sometimes South Indian films are liberally drizzled with. The background music is so loud that it relentlessly assaults your senses even as you are trying to concentrate on yet another fight sequence taking place on the screen. The music (Devi Sriprasad) is hummable and the action at places is watchable, and then it gets too repetitive for its own good.

Kajal looks pretty, but she doesn’t really have much to do, except try and steal a kiss from her lover boy. Sharad Kelkar, apart from being very pleasing to the eye, is also a decent actor. Wish he got a better role in a more sensible film.

Watch this one only if you are a die-hard Pawan Kalyan fan.

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