Pretoria: Oscar Pistorius did not kill Reeva Steenkamp — Satan did it. As the fallen Olympian’s trial for the murder of his model girlfriend on Valentine’s Day last year enters its third week, this bizarre explanation came from none other than a pastor, who showed up to give Pistorius some support from the strangest of places.

Reverend Isaac Malaza, dressed in green and white attire, waited patiently at the exit of the North Gauteng High Court to stop Pistorius and pray for him, but never got his wish as the Olympian was whisked past the waiting crowds to the Range Rover waiting for him outside the courtroom.

Malaza did say Pistorius should not be blamed for Steenkamp’s death.

“Oscar did not kill her (Steenkamp), Satan made him do it. I pray to God to help him,” said Reverend Isaac Malaza.
“I came to pray for Oscar. He shouldn’t do something like this again that breaks the hearts of his family.”

Malaza added that Steenkamp’s family also had their hearts broken, but what had happened in the early hours of Valentine’s Day should not ruin Pistorius’ family as it was Satan’s fault.

“We hope God will help him so that he doesn’t do something like this again,” he said. “It’s not just Oscar, a lot of men kill women. So I want God to stay in the hearts of men so they can like their women and not kill them.”

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