A day after the death of nine-year-old Viraj Parmar, the  family of the deceased Std III student has raised compelling questions to the school authorities.

Parents of Viraj claimed that since bus fees are paid to the school, iauthorities at Shri Vallabh Ashram English school should be held responsible for the untimely death of their only son, who died after he banged his head against a roadside hoarding after leaning out of the school bus on Wednesday. 

Devendra Parmar, father of Viraj said, "Two months back, the same bus, with students inside, had caught a minor fire near Chunabhatti. Luckily, no one was injured. Although buses are changed frequently, sometimes thrice in a week, this was the same bus that had caught fire earlier. Even after complaining about the condition of the bus, two weeks back, nothing was done."

The police arrested the absconding driver yesterday.