School plays Bieber song on repeat in charity pledge

WASHINGTON: Baby, baby, baby — please make it stop! A high school in Washington state raising money for orphaned children in Ghana is tormenting students into donating by playing Justin Bieber’s Baby repeatedly on the intercom system.

Justin Bieber

Connor Stakelin, the student body president at Tenino High School in Washington is the brains behind the painful idea.

“For some of them it’s incentive to donate because they don’t want to hear it anymore,” Stakelin said.

The song was played on repeat during passing time between class periods and over the entire lunch break.

“Oh my God, my head is about to explode right now,” said student Zack Chamberlain said as the song played.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve had five Ibuprofen already,” he said reacting to the song.

The fundraising goal was initially set at $1,200, but Stakelin took mercy on his fellow students and killed the maddening track when they raised $500.

At the end of school the following day, students had amassed an impressive $900 since the Bieber-based torture technique was first employed.

The money raised through their pain will help improve the lives of 254 orphans at a school in Ghana.

They say this will be enough to provide food and school supplies for the orphans at Crossover International Academy through April.

“It helps kids that don’t have meals, they don’t even have a bed to lie on at night and in their school they don’t even have more than one piece of paper per day,” Stakelin said.

“The whole idea is all in good fun and makes the kids think globally,” said leadership teacher Geraldine Maxfield.

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