School removes mirrors from girls' bathroom to stop make-up!

A school in England has removed mirrors from girls' toilets "to stop pupils putting on too much make-up"

Shelley College in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire has introduced the tough measure after becoming fed-up with girls breaching its "discreet" make-up policy of stopping pupils aged 14 to 16 from using make-up.

The school's zero-tolerance policy on make-up has also seen teachers being given make-up removal kits to ensure all pupils obey the rules and the students are now checked for make-up every day.
Some girls were furious about the rules, claiming that wearing make-up helped give them confidence but John McNally, head teacher of the comprehensive school, said most pupils and parents are supporting the measures.

"There comes a point when you need to stop teachers spending half an hour in the day talking to girls about their make-up. It is more sensible to say it's not allowed," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"We removed the mirrors because there were a number of girls who were going in to the toilets at lunchtime and hanging around in there and eating their sandwiches.

"The girls were attracted to the mirrors and when we removed them the problem stopped. Most have accepted the policy as the vast majority did not wear make-up and those who wore a little have been happy to stop.

"The fuss is being caused by about five or six girls, who are the ones who wear the most make-up.

"We have had a lot of support from parents. Of course some of the girls are trying to push the boundaries.

"I make no apology for adopting a strict stance on enforcing rules and I know we will receive widespread support from parents," he stated.

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