School slammed for setting bathroom visit limit for students

A school in Chicago has issued a new policy which allows students to visit the bathroom only thrice in a semester to ensure that they do not miss out on valuable learning time

According to the Tinley Park Southtown Star, principal Bill Sanderson of Evergreen High School said that the rule deters students from using restroom visits as an excuse to miss class.

Parents, who think that the rule is unfair, have reacted with anger and suggested that prohibiting when their children can go to the toilet is potentially dangerous.

"Let the principal get diarrhoea or whatever, and he's only allowed to go three times a semester, and see how he feels about this policy," the Daily Mail quoted Beatrice Bailey, whose son is suffering from digestive issues, as saying.

The rule also adds that if students need to relieve themselves too often, they risk being kept after class.

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