Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a larger than life bronze statue of himself and opened a museum dedicated to his life during a visit to his hometown in Austria yesterday.

Terminator of all museums: Former California Governor Arnold Schwar
zenegger and his son Patrick attend the unveiling of his statue during
the opening of the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum at a house where
he spent his childhoood in Thal, some 220 kilometres south of Vienna.

The ex-governor  braved inclement weather to officially open a museum chronicling his life, housed in his childhood home in Thal, southeastern Austria.

Outside the museum the actor unveiled a bronze statue of himself flexing his muscles as a young bodybuilder.

Schwarzenegger, who attended the opening with his son Patrick, said, "For me, the museum is a symbol of will - that everyone has a chance in life."

Werner Faymann, the chancellor of Austria, also spoke at the opening event and praised him for having three successful careers in one lifetime.

"No matter where I go, they know Arnold everywhere," he added.

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