Scribe turned to thug life to pay for life of luxury

New Delhi: In an instance that seems like something straight out of a Bollywood movie, Delhi Police have arrested a gang headed by a 26-year-old former journalist, who went from conducting sting operations for a TV news channel to pulling off a series of robberies in south-west Delhi, all so she could live a life of luxury.

Police have identified the woman as Dimple. She worked at a local news channel where she was mostly assigned sting operations to bust sex rackets.

The monotony of a life covering crime took a toll on Dimple who then decided to turn criminal herself. Her first brush with crime was in 2014, when she and her live-in partner, who was also her co-worker at the news channel, committed a robbery that put them behind bars for 12 days.

Following this, she formed a six-member gang that went on to commit carjacking, robbery and dacoity. Cops recovered four cars, jewellery, 14 mobile phones and two laptops after busting the gang.

Crimes unveiled
Investigations revealed that Dimple and another member, Palak would wear burqas to hide their identity while committing crimes. The gang also used aliases; Dimple was called Aslam Bhai. The group also spoke in code words, “bade Bhai ko le aana” meant carry firearms, for instance, while “pair mein dard hai” meant one of their members had been caught.

The Special Staff of South West police was following the activities of the gang and arrested two members, including Dimple’s boyfriend Rohit. Information received from them led to the arrest of Dimple and a fourth member, said RA Sanjeev, DCP of the South West district police.

Jet-setting life
Dimple confessed she had chosen the thug life to pay for a lavish lifestyle, often spending all the money at discos and bars. The gang would also vacation in the hills after successful heists, she said.

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