Sean Penn: Don't know why El Chapo agreed for interview

Los Angeles: Sean Penn feels his interview with Mexican drug lord El Chapo was a "failure" because it did not bring attention to the war on drugs.

Sean Penn
Sean Penn

"My article should not have made this much noise. El Chapo should not have been this popular a figure to read about," he told Charlie Rose on '60 Minutes'.

"We all want this drug problem to stop... How much time have they spent in the last week since this article (came) out talking about that? One per cent?. I think that'd be generous," the actor said.

Penn said he doesn't understand why Guzman agreed to do the interview with him.

"I was stunned that he would risk. I was baffled at his will to see us...

"I can't read his mind. I would say that, you know, from the conversation that was had, he, in several ways, wanted to be on the record," Penn said.

Mexican authorities later said the drug lord's meeting with the actor helped them trace him.

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