Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao
Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. Pic/Yogen Shah

After six days of questioning of actor Aamir Khan’s household staff for any clue as to where the missing jewellery might be, the best plan the police could come up with was to ask the family to search their house once again.

The missing jewellery belongs to Aamir’s wife, filmmaker Kiran Rao and is valued around Rs 80 lakh. Her father, CNS Rao (80) had submitted an 80-page letter of complaint to the Khar police station on November 24, stating that the jewellery had been stolen from the star couple’s Bandra home. An FIR was registered under Section 380 (theft in dwelling house) of the IPC.

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According to the complaint, Kiran Rao had last worn the diamond-studded ring and necklace on October 27, and then kept it in the cupboard in her bedroom. On November 23, she wanted to wear the set to an event but found the jewellery missing.

Sources said that the staff were the prime suspects, and cops questioned the domestic help, cook, security guards and even Kiran Rao’s personal assistant. “We have questioned the staff several times, since only they have continuous access to the wardrobe and bedroom, apart from the family. But we have not got any positive results yet, so we asked the family to check their house once again,” said an officer from Khar police station.

Another officer added “We have not recorded the statement of Kiran Rao since she is not the complainant. We have been questioning all possible people who have visited the house, but are yet to zero in on a suspect. Since it is an actor’s house, there are several parties held there, for which temporary staff is also hired. The investigations are ongoing.”