Second heart transplant in Mumbai saves 42-year old's life

Cadaver donations in the city are catching speed in the very first month of the New Year as Mumbai witnessed its second heart transplant of 2016 early on Wednesday morning.

Representational pictureRepresentational picture

A 52-year-old resident of Gujarat, who was declared brain dead on Tuesday donated the heart to save the life of 42-year-old Navi Mumbai resident who was under treatment at Fortis Hospital Mulund. While the surgery took place early Tuesday morning, doctors confirmed that it was successful.

The transplant, being eighth in all, for the city was also the second heart transplant for the state of Gujarat. Sources confirmed that a green corridor was created between the two states late in the night for smooth transportation of the organ. Due to co-ordination between the two states, the transplant took place in record 85 minutes, making it faster then the previous one which took place in Gujarat.

The heart was brought by Team of Foetus doctors from Surat by Flight no VT-KMB at about 3:50 am. It was delivered to Fortis Hospital's Ambulance at 3:56 am and taken through gate no 08 of Mumbai airport. The donor is said to have also donated his kidneys and liver along with the heart which were transplanted to other patients in Gujarat.

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