Head to the Secrets of Malwa, an exhibition-cum-food festival that celebrates the culture, crafts and cuisine of Madhya Pradesh

Get a glimpse of Madhya Pradesh's culture and art at the exhibition, Secrets of Malwa, where a large variety of handicarfts, fabrics and cuisines have been featured. "The aim of organising this festival is to promote the culture and cuisine of Madhya Pradesh by bringing the state's speciality to other parts of the country. 

Bhutte ka kees

We have the best handlooms, batic prints, cotton as well as silk sarees hand-made by tribals of Madhya Pradesh," informs Veena Raman, Deputy General Manager, Madhya Pradesh Tourism. A variety of traditional weaves including the Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees are part of the exhibition. Priced between Rs 500 to 
Rs 1,500, these sarees are a must-look for every visitor.

 "Madhya Pradesh does not have a specific taste. Since it is the 'heart' of India, the cuisine in Madhya Pradesh borrows and blends flavours of different neighboring states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Gujarat," says Kishan Gunjal, Executive Chef, Sayaji Hotel. His personal favourite dish is a tangy corn preparation called Bhutte ki kees, which is also feautured at the festival. Bafla and Garadu, which are kebab-like preparations have been recommended by the chef, along with signature desserts like Mawa Bati, Khoprapaka and Malpua.

Recipe for Bafla

Whole-grain wheat Flour (Atta):2 cups
Salt:1/8 teaspoon
Melted Ghee:1 cup
Warm water (near 100 F): Cup
Melted Ghee for rolling

Mix salt and flour. Knead the dough with oil, water and salt. Make the dough into small balls. Cover with damp kitchen towel or a plastic film. Let it rest for some time. Slightly flatten them and brush the exterior with melted ghee.

Bring a pot of salted water to boil. Put the dough balls in water. Return to boil. Turn down heat to simmer. Cook for about 25 minutes. Drain it in a colander. Fry till the exterior is hard crusty brown. It will take about ten minutes. It must be fried in pure ghee. Duip it in ghee and serve with dal panchratan.

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