See you in jail

Dec 24, 2011, 07:57 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Soon after Team Anna launched an online campaign for its 'Jail Bharo' agitation against the government's Lokpal Bill, folk online had a few interesting comments to make. Priyanka Dalal, for instance, tweeted: 'Indian jails are already over-bharoed.

Better do a Jail Banao Andolan so prisoners get better stay areas [sic]!' Martin A. K. added: 'So, let me get this straight: Anti corruption activists wants Jail Bharo while those accused of corruption want Bail Karo.'

In Ramesh Srivats's words: 'We have to register for this Jail Bharo event. What next? If we do it early, do we get an Early Jailbird discount?' And from Narendra Shenoy: 'If the government decides to retain the Jail Bharo chaps inside prison, Team Anna has a Jail Burrow Andolan up its sleeve.'

Court versus Anna

The Bombay High Court was a trending topic after it shot down Team Anna's request for free space from the MMRDA. Piyush Kulshreshtha agreed with the court's view: 'Nobody stopped Team Anna from protesting at MMRDA. It is a ground that attracts payments, so pay and use.' Harini Calamur pointed out: 'Team Anna wants the rules applied to everyone but themselves. MMRDA attracts a charge. Raise it from your sponsors.'

Random advice

Examples of things you should not do, courtesy the Twitterati: 'You should not like your own Facebook status, because that's like giving yourself a high five.' 'You should not cheat on good girlfriends, turn your back on family or make promises you can't keep.' 'You should not watch a movie before you read the book, because books are always better.' Also, 'you should not get into a serious relationship if you still have feelings for your ex.'

The last word

From former MP Pritish Nandy: 'You can buy, manipulate and make a monkey of 543 people, not 1.2 billion Indians. The war against corruption won't end so easily.'

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