Sena to police: Trace caller in two days or be ready to face aggressive protests

After Sena woman vibhag pramukh accuses Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal of verbally abusing her over phone, party says it will deal with matter in its 'trademark style' if cops do not get acting

After a woman Shiv Sena worker accused Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal of using obscene language with her on the phone a couple of days ago, party women's wing head Radhika Harishchandre yesterday warned that the Shiv Sena would protest aggressively if the police do not trace the caller within two days.

Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal

Shiv Sena women's wing Cantonment vibhag pramukh Sudarshana Trigunayeet had on Tuesday alleged that the Mayor had verbally abused her and gone on to file a case with the Samarth Police station.

The Shiv Sena women's wing is now demanding speedy investigation in the matter.

"The police should investigate this matter as soon as possible otherwise the Sena women's wing will agitate
in its own trademark style with aggressive morchas in front of the Mayor's office," Harishchandre said.

Trigunayeet said she had been requested by a few leaders of the NCP, the party to which Rajpal belongs, to end the whole episode amicably.

Condemning the incident, senior Shiv Sena leader Neelam Gorhe said: "It is a most shameful thing that the Mayor has done. The party will support Trigunayeet.
It is not just because she is our worker; if this incident had happened with any woman from any political party, the party would still have fought for her."

NCP defends Rajpal

NCP city chief Vandana Chavan refuted all charges made by Trigunayeet and called it a political stunt.
"It's unfortunate, but a very common tendency in politics is to use such stunts when elections are round the corner," she said.

Chavan added that Rajpal was a responsible person and would never indulge in such things. She also confirmed that the party would stand strongly behind Rajpal as the NCP's senior leaders trusted him. Rajpal did not answer calls made to him for his comments on the alleged incident.

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