Shiv Sena women's wing vibhag pramukh from Cantonment Sudarshana Trigunayeet (39) said she lodged a complaint of verbal abuse against (pictured) Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal at the Samarth police station late last evening. But the police said they had filed the case against a person who spoke to Trigunayeet on the phone and not Rajpal. 

PI Sanjay Bhambure said: "The complaint has been lodged against an unknown caller. According to the information given Trigunayeet, we have registered an offence against the cell phone owner under Section 507 of IPC for using obscene language." 

Bhambure refused to give the cell number of the caller. He added that the name of the caller would only be known after the police traced the address on which the SIM card was registered. Trigunayeet said: "Rajpal called me at 7.10 pm and started abusing me, telling me not to talk to his party workers." 

She added that she was friendly with all party workers in the city and she had had a word with an NCP woman party worker in the afternoon, which had enraged Rajpal. Rajpal said he was not aware of any incident of the kind and no one had called him to the Samarth police station.