61-yr-old woman accused of murdering her friend reportedly tore off her clothes, hurled abuses at cops, and attempted suicide, till flabbergasted cops requested the court to put her in judicial custody instead

Outraged by bizarre acts of insurbodination from 61-year-old murder accused Laxmi Dangle, intimidated cops at the Kannamwar nagar police station have requested that the court take her off their hands by placing her under judicial custody. Not only would she repeatedly strip in front of the male officers, she would verbally abuse them and threatened suicide, even swallowing pills on one occasion. The court granted Dangle judicial custody yesterday.

Victim of greed: Latika Kamble (above) was murdered by Dangle

"Ever since she was put under our custody, Dangle has been engaging in outrageously offensive behaviour. She often goes into histrionics, and threatened police officers that the she would commit suicide if they questioned her. She even acted on her threat last Saturday, when she swallowed all the pills that had been prescribed to her for diabetes. She would tear off her clothes in front of male police officers," said an officer of the Vikhroli police station. He added, "We produced her at the Vikhroli court, where we requested that she be kept under judicial custody. Our request has been granted."

"She was completely uninhibited and fearless, and never cooperated with us. An officer had to keep an eye on her, round the clock. No police officer wants to risk his job. Such a woman is capable of anything, and on-duty officer will be held accountable," said another police officer who investigated the case.

KK Khandale, assistant commissioner of police, Vikhroli division, said, "Dangle has been granted judicial custody. Since we were done with all the investigations, we asked for judicial custody as early as possible."

The anti-robbery squad of the Mumbai police had arrested Dangle last Thursday, for allegedly murdering her neighbour Latika Kamble (60) on September 14. Dangle, who had to repay a loan of Rs 1.2 lakh, murdered her friend by bludgeoning her with a tile when she was asleep. She tried to flee with valuables, but could not find the keys to the cupboard where they had been kept.