Senorita Evita for feature event

Pune: There are eleven extremely speedy sprinters in the fray for the grade 3, Akkasaheb Maharaj Trophy, the prime event of Sunday's nine-race card. Most of them are in razor sharp condition as is evidenced by either their recent runs, track trials or mock races, and picking the winner look like a very hazardous task.

Despite running the risk of being ridiculed, I am going to stick my neck out and nominate Senorita Evita for the winner's spot. Of course, I am aware One Kept Secret who lost by a whisker against her in last start now enjoys a massive advantage at the scales, and even Nefyn & Brynhill have had excellent mock races, but I strongly believe Senorita Evita will further excel today as her last victory was after a longish lay-off of over six months.

First race at 1.00 pm.

Bountiful Treasure Plate - Div II (For 4y, class IV; 1200m)
Moneywise 1, Alfredo 2, Royal Sapphire 3.

Premier Collection Plate (Class III; 2000m)
Bullrun 1, Square Moon 2.

Saddle Up Double Stakes (Class II; 1600m)
El Camino 1, Congressional 2.

Rapier Plate - Div II (Class III; 1000m)
Valentino 1, Joshua 2, Niobrara 3.

Bountiful Treasure Plate - Div I (For 4y, class IV; 1200m)
Zabisco 1, Via Amoris 2, Blue Flame 3.

Goel Ganga Group September Handicap (For 3y; 1600m)
Shadowfax 1, Jazzmyn 2, Night Of Stars 3.

Akkasaheb Maharaj Trophy (Grade 3) (For 4y&o; 1200m)
Senorita Evita 1, Brynhill 2, Nefyn 3.

Rapier Plate - Div I (Class III; 1000m)
Belgian Blue 1, Lucky Charm 2, Sugar Babe 3.

Capitulate Plate (For 5y&o, class IV; 1400m)
Oriental Rocky 1, Sansani 2, Affirmation 3.

Best bet: Zabisco (5-2)
Good bet: El Camino (3-1)
Chance bet: Bullrun (2-4)
Upsets: Romano (6-1) & Pepito (8-1)

Today's pools:
Super jackpot poo: 4,5,6,7,8,9
Jackpot pool: I - 3,4,5,6,7; II - 5,6,7,8,9
Treble pool: I - 2,3,4; II - 6,7,8; III - 7,8,9
Tanala pool: All races

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