Seth Rogen may have just reignited his beef with Justin Bieber

During a conversation with Howard Stern on the radio on Tuesday morning, Seth Rogen said: "I was hard on Justin Bieber and he was ultimately incredibly cool about it." He was referring to the time he called Biebs an "obnoxious piece of shit".

Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber
Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber

"He never attacked me back, and he literally has an army of crazy little mother f***ers that he could have sicced on me," he added. When the topic of that infamous naked photo of Bieber came up, Rogen said, "I did see his (penis). It's not bad, but it made me feel good about my (penis) because everyone's like, 'This guy has a huge (penis),' and I was like, 'To his scale, it's an okay size. It was a pretty good size'."

Rogen then continued with his analysis: "His frame is so small; if you took off my (penis) and put it on his body, pound for pound, it might be bigger." He, however, ended the segment by making light of both himself and the awkward situation, saying, "My balls are saggier."

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