Seven killed in Iraq attack

Jan 26, 2014, 15:35 IST | Agencies

At least nine people were killed and 22 injured in shelling in Fallujah and Ramadi cities in Iraq. Several neighbourhoods in Fallujah city were pounded by artillery fire on Friday night and yesterday morning. A hospital in the city received eight bodies and 16 injured people, including women and children, a source from the city hospital said.

Empty bullets lie on the ground following fighting between Islamist jihadists and Iraqi special forces in the Iraqi city of Ramadi. Pic/AFP

Meanwhile, a civilian was killed and six others were injured in artillery and mortar shelling on several neighbourhoods in Ramadi, Baghdad.

The violence in Anbar province happened as the UN refugee agency on Friday said that more than 65,000 people fled the conflict in Fallujah and Ramadi cities in the province over the past week.

Anbar province has been the scene of fierce clashes that flared up after Iraqi police dismantled an anti-government protest site outside Ramadi in December 2013.

The Sunnis have been carrying out a year-long protest, accusing the Shia-led government of marginalising them and its Shia-dominated security forces of indiscriminately arresting, torturing and killing their people.

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