Javed's character's name is 'Carlos' and he will be sporting quirky looks each time he comes on screen. Some of them are that of an Afro man, a blonde woman, a sadhu baba and a Maharashtrian woman. 

Javed Jaffrey

Javed had to sit for almost four-five hours only for his make-up to make his characters look authentic. "After doing his make-up he would be in character throughout the day.

For example when we shot the Maharashtrian killer maid look he spoke to everyone on the set in Marathi in a scary deep baritone, even when he was off camera, which was quite hilarious. It was surely a pleasure to direct him," Director Samir Tewari said.

The film, produced by Bhola Ram Malviya and Shital Malviya, releases on January 3.