Shades of a woman

Jan 11, 2012, 08:01 IST | Anurupa Dongare
Check out Priya Patkar's artworks, which are inspired by the joys of being a woman and depict women engaged in various tasks through the day

Priya Patkar, an artist and visiting professor at the Symbiosis Institute of Design, is excited about her upcoming exhibition at Atelier. While her work solely depicts women, it steers clear of provocative feminist art. Patkar has been around in the art circuit for more than a decade but this is her second solo exhibition in the city. Through her art, Patkar is attempting to do a 360 degree portrayal of women. 

Priya Patkar with her paintings

Talking about the exhibition, she says, "As a woman, feminist ideas inspire me. The beauty of women is the central theme of my paintings." She loves experimenting with bold colours as it forces her to innovate. The paintings on display depict various times of the day and women during those times. Patkar says, "The idea behind depicting a different time of the day in each painting is that the jewellery and drapery should look different. Through the use of different expressions, I am trying to depict mysticism and sensuality." Talking about how the idea of the exhibition came about, she says, "Roheena Nagpal, owner of Atelier, really liked my work and since she thought it was worthy of being exhibited in her space, the idea of the solo exhibition came about."

A painting by Patkar which depicts the interaction between two friends

When asked about the response she expects from art connoisseurs, she says, "I am glad that my second exhibition is happening in my own city. I hope art lovers enjoy the exhibition and look at each painting with the idea that a woman can be sensuous, demure and powerful at the same time." 

Talking about her future projects, Priya says, "I am working on a few ideas while keeping in mind the theme of feminism, but its too early to tell. I am currently focusing on my students and I hope that they grow up to be as passionate as I am about art."

On January 14 to February 12, 11 am to 8.30 pm 
At Atelier By Roheena Nagpal, first floor, ITI Road, opposite Anand Park, Aundh. 
Call 65000011

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