Shah Rukh Khan helps youngster get his prom date

The things that stars have to do for their fans. Shah Rukh Khan's heartwarming tweet seems to be going viral on the net. Bollywood's king of romance had a youngster, Sarthak Kher, send him a tweet in April saying, "Sir please help me ask a girl to prom????"

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

To this, King Khan, known for his wry wit, replied, "If I ask she wont go with you....ha ha."

Sarthak Kher with his prom date
Sarthak Kher with his prom date

Not to give up, Sarthak threw a challenge to the young girl he wanted as his prom date. He took a print out of the Twitter exchanges with his matinee idol and pasted it in the boot of his car filled with balloons. He told the girl to prove SRK wrong and wooed her with a bunch of red roses to go with him for the prom. In June, Sarthak tweeted to SRK saying that she has said 'yes'.

On August 29, King Khan, who was in Iceland shooting for 'Dilwale', was replying to the backlog of tweets from his fans. He replied to Sarthak, "Treat her with dignity gentleness and love... and pepper it with a bit of humour." To which Sarthak replied, "Thank you for your help."

King Khan certainly made it a prom to remember.



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