Shah Rukh Khan: Never been offered any work in West

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says he has never been offered a film in Hollywood but he is not averse to doing films there provided he is offered something that will make him proud as an actor.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

"I have never been offered any work in West. I have said this and will say it again. I want to make Indians films which will be watched internationally.

"People who are working in Hollywood they really make sure that our names and Indianess be spread there which is very commendable and good for future generation," Shah Rukh told reporters here last evening.

"I feel whether I would be good enough to do something in the West.. language being one barrier.. but if I am offered something which makes me proud as an actor and which in turn will make the audience proud, I would love to do it... but so far in 25 years, I haven't got any offer from Hollywood or the West," he said.

The 50-year old actor is content with his journey in the Hindi film industry.

"The overall journey has been very good, it's been wonderful, and not many people have the life that I have. Last 25 years of work and before that also they have been good moments, sad moments, happy moments, frustrating moments but I guess that's what life is... so I am happy with the life that I have. I won't choose any other life if I got a chance," he said.

Fans know Shah Rukh as 'King Khan', 'Badshah of Bollywood' and 'King of Romance' but SRK never thought he would ever be called by such names.

"I never thought someday I would be called King of Bollywood. This industry has showered me with so much love. I have got much more than what I had in. If tomorrow I am not remembered, its okay, but if my work is remembered, that's enough for me," he added.

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