Shahid Kapoor: The fact that Mira and I are different works for us

Shahid Kapoor comes from a film family while his wife Mira is new to the world of glamour but he feels this difference works better for them.

Shahid Kapoor with wife Mira
Shahid Kapoor with wife Mira

"I think the fact that we are different works for us. It is a nice thing that we are different from each other. But at the same time we are good at communication, we get along well," Shahid said in an interview here.

"She (Mira) makes me feel very normal. I go back to a very real atmosphere and I really like that a lot. She has no desire to get overtly 'filmi' as a person. She is very much an individual in her own right," he said.

Mira is yet to get used to the paparazzi that surrounds her actor husband all the time.

"She finds it difficult (to get used to the paparazzi) it will take sometime for her to get used to it. But she is understanding."

Shahid said he decided to settle down with Mira after spending time with her.

"We met, spend time and we really liked each other. I feel you should be with someone who you are comfortable with it doesn't matter how and where you met. Everybody meets a certain way but after you meet how you feel is important."

The 34-year-old actor did not reveal what clicked between the couple.

"I don't want to share details because it is personal. I hope people respect that. Her side of the family is very normal and they don't understand what is written about and all that," he said.

The 'Vivah' actor, however, believes that marriage has made him more responsible.

"It (marriage) makes you more responsible. I have been living on my own for the last nine years. I was independent at an early age. I have been earning since I was 16-year-old and I shifted to my own house when I was 23-24 years old. I have lived an independent life ... though I had responsibilities," he added.

"When you get married it makes you feel more responsible. It makes you feel settled, grounded, there is certain clarity where you future lies. Every time you take a decision you think a little more as it is not just about you... you need to be responsible towards other person as well," he added.

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