London: Shakira just gave her fans an awestruck moment with a video of her six-month-old son, and it looks like the singer is making her son walk on her footballer father's footsteps.


Happy 6 months Sasha! Shak

A video posted by Shakira (@shakira) onJul 29, 2015 at 9:33am PD 

Shakira with her son. Courtesy/ Shakira's official Instagram account

The 38-year-old Colombian star's video captioned 'Happy 6 months Sasha! Shak' the, shows Sasha kicking a red and yellow ball off into the distance with the help of the "La La La" hit-maker, who's holding him under his arms, reported the Mirror.

Shakira. Pic/ Santa Banta

Also, a male voice in the background, presumably Gerard Pique's, can be heard cheering the singer's second child.