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Nov 30, 2012, 08:19 IST | Avantika Patil

This Economics graduate from Delhi has so much to share that just one meeting with her is not enough. CS caught up with Shallu Jindal at a recent CSR activity summit and chatted on multi-tasking, dance and spirituality:

Shallu Jindal
Who: Shallu Jindal 
What: Talking about her passions 
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Juggling roles
I think being a woman, multi-tasking comes naturally to me. Today, women simultaneously take on different tasks and have the potential to excel in them. I just prioritise my jobs, and give hundred per cent attention to them. I try to live every moment to its fullest. Of course I have a great support system in my husband, Naveen (Jindal). I believe that a marriage can only be successful, if the two individual grow to similar heights. And this is the understanding on which Naveen and I work. We help each other grow and lend full support.

Dance dairies
Dance for me is a blessing from God. It is meditation, stress- buster, passion, identity, and everything combined in one. I am fortunate that I can dance in this lifetime. I feel a sense of belonging and freedom when I am dancing. To be honest, I have achieved so much because I am a dancer. Dancing keeps me happy and content. And only when I am happy and contended, can I step out and make a difference to others life. Also, dance inculcates a sense of discipline, which helps me work systematically for my other projects as well.

Divine call
I have been a Kathak dancer since childhood. But Kuchipudi is something I learnt in the last eleven years. I got married, had kids, got involved in my husband's business and all. I thought that I would never dance again. Eleven years ago, I went to Tirupati temple. I believe a lot in Lord Venkateswara. I was sitting in the temple for my turn to come. While I was in the queue, I saw my gurus Raja and Radha Reddy. I went up to them and introduced myself. After a month, I got a call on my cellphone. It was Guruji and he invited me to be his disciple. I took the offer and joined as soon as I reached Delhi. I saw it as if Lord Tirupati is showing me a path. The rest is history. I am a very spiritual person. With my dance, my passion, I have evolved so much. I have seen so many miracles happening in my life. And it is because of my devotion to the God's I dance for. By God's grace I have got what I have aspired for and I am humbled.

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