A 40-year-old man has been arrested by the MHB police for molesting a woman in a Borivli hospital while she was bathing on Tuesday morning.

Cops said the accused, who works as a caretaker for patients at the facility, was watching her with the aid of a mirror from the bathroom next door. The accused, Paramshivam Nadar, works at Karuna Hospital at IC Colony in Borivli, cops said. They recovered the mirror piece from his pocket and arrested him the same day.

The police suspect he regularly used the trick to peep at women, and has allegedly molested many in the past. The 40-year-old woman he abused was staying at the hospital to look after her son, who underwent a surgery on Monday.

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Repeat offender
An official from MHB police said, “The woman was taking a bath around 8 am on Tuesday. Nadar was in the bathroom next door, which is attached to her bathroom. He used a mirror to watch her and masturbate. Suddenly, the mirror flashed a reflection at her and she realised what was going on and shouted for help.”

The hospital staff reached the spot and nabbed the accused red-handed. He was handed over to the police, who registered the case. The bathroom window has now been sealed with shingles.

Another official from MHB police station said, “We suspect that Nadar has molested many women in the past using the same method. He was produced in court on Wednesday and remanded in police custody for three days.”