The BCCI media release that announced the outcome of the Emergency meeting of the Working Committee in Chennai yesterday is perhaps the most ridiculous press release emerging from the power-drunk, loads-of-cash-but-no-credibility BCCI.

Joint Secretary Anurag Thakur, whose name appeared below the press release, is not an irrepressible talker, but he cannot be uncharitable with words during Indian cricket’s darkest hour. Any suppression of information will deepen the wounds.

This is exactly where the BCCI pales in comparison to other cricketing establishments.

Never in the history of Indian cricket have there been so many truth-seekers, and unfortunately there appears to be very few truth-givers. The terse press release given out to the media so that they can inform countless cricket fans is an absolute insult to stakeholders of the game.

In a way, Srinivasan achieved a victory because he didn’t resign, only stepped aside till the probe into the spot-fixing scandal is completed. Sanjay Jagdale’s replacement on the three-man panel is yet to be announced, but cricket followers can rest assured that there will be a quick result in the probe, something that could reinstate Srinivasan to his high chair in the corridors of power.

Meanwhile, the rest of the cricketing world is laughing, even gloating at India. All this drama could have been avoided had Srinivasan come to a media conference on the day his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan was implicated in the IPL spot- fixing scandal, and said, “I will cease to be president of the BCCI until a full inquiry into this issue clears me of any wrong-doing.”

His so-called Sunday victory means something only to himself and supporters — numbers of which can never outweigh the amount of fair-minded individuals in this cricket-loving land. ¬†