Shamed Strauss-Kahn to break his silence

Sep 16, 2011, 08:59 IST | Agencies
France is braced for one of its biggest TV audiences in history this weekend when shamed IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn presents his 'excuses' to the nation over his US sex scandal.

Bare his soul: For the first time ever, Dominique Strauss-Kahn will speak
publicly about the rape charges against him on French television.

It will be the first time Strauss-Kahn has spoken publicly since he was freed last month from charges of trying to rape a New York hotel maid.

His highly anticipated TV appearance will come less than a week after he was quizzed by Paris police over a second raft of attempted rape claims he is now facing in France.

It is thought he could choose a 'soft-soap' interview with veteran French presenter Claire Chazal, a good friend of his wife Anne Sinclair.

But the French media have agreed that despite being cleared of criminal sexual assault allegations in the US, Strauss-Kahn will still have a 'tough time' selling his version of events to his home nation.

Meanwhile, the Manhattan townhouse used by the former International Monetary Fund chief during his house arrest on sex assault charges is on sale for $13.99 million (Rs 66 crore ).

The houseĀ  boasts of a home movie theater, gym, spa, four bedrooms and roof deck access, all luxuries apparently valued by Strauss-Kahn and his millionaire wife Anne Sinclair who rented the property for an estimated $50,000 ( Rs 24 lakh) a month.

They also found that the house, at 153 Franklin Street, made a good refuge from a huge media presence camped outside.

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