Shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg to immediately quit Facebook

Shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg to immediately quit Facebook

The face of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, may very soon be separated from the social networking giant. The news is definitely a sad one for many Zuckerberg fans because the young billionaire has been a source of inspiration for several young entrepreneurs across the world. However, some people do not link Facebook with Zuckerberg and therefore want him to step away from the organization on immediate basis.

SumOfUs, an online community and consumer watchdog group entrusted to control the growing power of multimedia organizations, is stringent on removing Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook’s board of directors. All people who want Zuckerberg to walk out from his position as the chairman of Facebook’s board of directors are actually the shareholders of the company.

Shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg to immediately quit Facebook

The proposal by SumOfUs alleges that Facebook needs an independent director for its functioning. It also elaborated that only an independent chairperson can handle and take action against the present issues of Facebook.

In the recent times, many content and profile privacy issues have cropped in Facebook, which forced the shareholders to apply for Zuckerberg’s immediate resignation. Promotion of fake news, misleading content, hate speech, and censorship in the social media platform are some issues Facebook users are facing for a considerable time. Facebook is receiving criticism for not abiding by the content policies and community guidelines.

Shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg to immediately quit Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg

Therefore, the proposal to hire an independent chairperson also hopes to resolve such undue issues and enhance the credibility of Facebook content. The independent chairperson can also set a more fair and accountable agenda for the organization. The billions of Facebook users should not be a victim of misleading content and inadequate profile privacy.

However, till now no official comments on the proposal of removing Zuckerberg has been put forward by the social media giant.

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