Shashank Manohar's big bang reforms

1. Appointing an independent ethics officer to address all conflict of interests issues pertaining to players, administrators and their staff. The Board would also appoint an independent ethics officer who would look into conflict of interest complaints.

Shashank Manohar. Pic/AFP
Shashank Manohar. Pic/AFP

2. Roping in an agency since the Board do not have any investigative powers and therefore their hands are tied. The Board will meet government officials to work out the possibility of getting investigative agency. The Board would have programmes to further educate the players.

3. Appointing an independent auditor to check the spending by state associations from BCCI grants which range from R25 to 35 crore annually. “We would build a system by which the accounts of the affiliated units would be audited by an independent auditor appointed by the Board,” Manohar said.

4. In order to make the Board's spending transparent, the BCCI will upload its constitution, balance sheet (already annual reports are uploaded), expenditures of over and above Rs 25 lakh on the Board's website.

5. Reviving the National Cricket Academy as a Centre of Excellence, which will provide a supply line for Indian cricket. The NCA will now function round the year and will not just be a rehabilitation centre for players.

6. Although the Finance Committee has already approved the central contracts for women's cricketers, Manohar finally ended the long wait yesterday

7. To abstain from casting the chairman's vote during any BCCI AGMs till the constitution is amended. He will also not use president's discretionary powers, a right given to the chairman to resolve any dispute, and go with the majority's view.

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