Shaun's sporty fix

Though fast bowler Shaun Pollock announced his retirement at the peak of his career, sports will always be a part of his life, says the cricketer. The bowling coach of the Mumbai IPL team talks to CS about the different games he likes to play:

Tee off
Golf is my newfound passion. Earlier, I just played it when I met friends who loved playing the sport, but now I take it very seriously. I practise daily like a professional golfer. In fact, quite a few cricketers love golf.

Soccer sucker
Football has been my favourite game since I was in school. I play and watch football with great passion and enthusiasm. Manchester United is my favourite team and Messi is one player I look forward to seeing in action every season.   

Hockey hangover
I love playing hockey and I have been playing it for a long time now. I started playing hockey when it was a relatively unknown sport in South Africa. I play in a local club in Durban, where we train school kids as well as play in matches.

Rugby rage
If one wants to break some bones and have fun at the same time, learn to play rugby (laughs). I love this rough-and-tough game, which is very popular in SA.

Aqua rides
Being in South Africa and not indulging in water sports is a crime. I love surfing on the beach.

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