Dear Diana,
I am a happy-go-lucky person who loves to make people laugh. Even when things go wrong, instead of fretting, I prefer to let go. My girlfriend, however, finds this habit of mine irritating. She just does not know how to laugh aloud. She's always serious and focussed. This is causing a lot of tiffs between us. She finds my sense of humour atrocious. I mean no harm to anyone, so I do not know why she can't chuckle along with me? We have had a lot of discussions, but she feels I go overboard. I call her Miss Stiff Upper Lip and she gets so annoyed that she stops talking to me for days. I just want to see her happy and laughing. My girl tells me she has always been like this so she can't be like me. I have told her to loosen up, but she is adamant. What do I do? How do I tell her that I am trying hard to please her? Why does she find me offensive? She also tells me that she often feels that I have inhaled laughing gas.
— Waman

Dear Diana

Dear Waman,
Laughter can go a long way in maintaining a happy relationship. Your girl is the opposite of you. She does not feel the need to have a sense of humour or is perhaps unwilling to let go around you and be relaxed and fun-loving. You have told her to be relaxed, but it cannot be an overnight change. You need loads of patience as she will take time to be like you. At the same time, try to find out what has made her so serious. Is there something on her front that is troubling her? Make her feel comfortable and tell her it is alright to let go sometimes and have a good time with you.