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Mar 22, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I met this girl last month at a party. She was introduced to me through a common friend. We exchanged numbers, but I did not give much thought to it. She was just one among the several people I met at the bash. In fact, I forgot about her. A week after the bash, I get a SMS from her. She then sent me some snapshots of the party on WhatsApp. As they were group photos, I could not even recall who she was. She then sent me a solo snapshot of herself. That night, we were all high and I could not even recall who I met at the event. So, I just told her that I remembered her and that we had a great time at the party. Ever since, this girl has been hounding me with calls and messages. She is keen to meet me for some business deal. I know this is just an excuse to get to know me better. I am not the least interested in her. How do I tell her to stop calling and texting me? I often do not reply or tell her I am busy and will catch up with her at a later date, but she just does not give up.
— Avinesh

Dear Diana

Dear Avinesh,
She has been bombarding you with calls for some business deal. May be that is the reason, but you feel she is interested in you. One way to get her off your back is to ask her what the deal is about. If it is a genuine business proposition, she will tell you. If not, then you know what is on her mind. By avoiding her calls and telling her that you will meet at a later date, you are sending mixed signals. Just tell her clearly that you are not interested, if you think she is pursuing you. You are not being forthright with her so she is unsure what is on your mind. Tell her the truth. You have no feelings for her nor care for her — so what is stopping you from clearly expressing what is on your mind?

Diana will solve it!
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