'She left me heartbroken...'

Dear Diana,
I was with this girl for almost two years. I thought she was serious about me. I used to splurge on her and did whatever she fancied. Last week, however, she sprung a surprise. She told me her family had fixed her marriage. As the guy was based in the Gulf, she would soon be relocating after marriage. She told me that a small engagement ceremony had taken place at home. The marriage has been fixed for June. I was taken aback. All this while, she did not even once tell me that her parents were finding a match for her. We were planning a future together till last week and then she drops a bombshell that she is getting married to someone else. I am shattered. She has left me heartbroken. Now she refuses to meet me or answer my calls. What do I do? How could she just dump me like this? I am angry as well as sad. It is not that her family did not know about my existence. What should I do? She was my first love.
— Deep'

Dear Diana

Dear Deep,
This girl just played with your feelings. You are a fool to have fallen in her trap. She knew from the beginning that she would not marry you. She considered you as time pass. You splurged on her and did whatever she fancied. This suited her fine. You seemed to have been her stop-gap arrangement till her parents found her a suitable match. Now that she has found someone, she has dumped you. You may be nursing a broken heart, but at the same time remember, there is no point moaning for her loss. This girl did not care for you or your feelings. She never loved you. So get going with your life. You have learnt your lesson. Next time be wary. When you feel down in the dumps, remember she did not reciprocate your feelings, so why even think about her? Move on as you deserve someone better.

Diana will solve it!
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  • Abhishek Oza15-Mar-2016

    Moral of the story: do not splurge on a girl unless u are getting *something* in return.

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