Dear Diana,
I'm 29 and involved with a married woman for the past two years. She has major issues with her husband who does not care for her. She said that she would divorce her husband and marry me. Whenever I ask her about taking our relationship to the next level, she says that she does not know how to tell her hubby about it. What am I supposed to conclude from this?
— Aateer


Dear Aateer,
This woman seems to be taking you on a merry ride and you are a fool to believe what she is saying. She is indulging in an extramarital affair and remember she might just do a turnaround and her husband and her folks will be gunning for you. Two years is a long time to make up one's mind. It appears that she is not keen to divorce her husband and move on with you. If she wants interested, she would not have given evasive replies. Give her a time frame to make a commitment or else move on with your life. From the looks of it she can't be trusted and you can't be waiting forever.

Dear Diana,
I broke up with my boyfriend in January. We would keep arguing and things just weren't working out. When I broke up with him, he got incredibly angry and cut off all contact with me. I didn't think I would ever hear from him again. Later, I started seeing a close friend of his for a while, but things did not work out. Now my former boyfriend is back in my life and is aware of my brief encounter with his friend. Though we have patched up, we are fighting again over my shortlived affair with his pal.
— Simran

Dear Simran,
You broke off with your guy and now you have taken him back. You seem to be of a wavering mind and can't decide what to do — and not to do. If you want him, then there is no point cribbing about him. So either be with him or not, but stop complaining about him.