Dear Diana,
Is it possible for a woman to be in love with two people at the same time? I am 27. The girl I love is also 27. She likes me but I am aware that she also has feelings for another guy. I know this man well as he stays in the neighbourhood. He is 30. She knew him before she started getting attracted to me. She has told me that she likes both of us and is equally comfortable with both of us. She wants to have both of us in her life. What do I do? Is she weird or is it normal for a woman to like two guys at the same time? When she has to choose one of us, I sometimes wonder who she will?
- Rushaad

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Rushaad,
Chances are that this woman is taking both of you for a ride. When it will come to say 'I do' it will be another guy. At the moment both of you are giving her attention and splurging her with gifts so she is loving it. She may tell you that she loves both of you'll equally but I am sure it is not in the same way. You have  got yourself in a situation that you have to compete with the other guy for her affections. She is a smart cookie and keeping both her options open. Do you want to be in this race vying for her attention and affection? Where do you see yourself in this game? I suggest you tell the girl that she has to choose. Which guy would want his girlfriend to be involved with two guys at the same time? Unless you believe three is company and not a crowd!