The brother of Sheena Bora, the murdered daughter of Indrani Mukherjea, on Thursday said that he doesn't want to risk the lives of people around him because of this case.

"Whatever Mumbai Police wants to ask me, they should ask me at my residence only," Mikhail Bora told the media in Guwahati.

Sheena Bora murder case: Brother Mikhail doesn't want to take risksMikhail Bora. Pic/ANI

"I can't leave my grandparents alone here, I cannot risk their lives. If I go there, the police and the government have to provide full time nurse for them here," he added.

Mikhail further stated that if he goes out, his friends, who are high-profile people, will go along with him and so he doesn't want to risk that either.

"I am ready to do it at my residence," he said.