High drama ensued at Khar police station yesterday, as Indrani Mukerjea was finally allowed to meet her lawyer, but the police still refused to let her meet her husband, or in fact, even see his face.

For the first time since Indrani’s arrest, her lawyer, Gunjan Mangla, was allowed to meet her for 20 minutes. Sources said that when the police refused the lawyer’s request to let Indrani and Peter meet, she asked them to at least let Indrani see Peter’s face, if not talk to him.

Peter Mukerjea with Indrani

However, even this request was denied. Peter was also at Khar police station yesterday, where he was grilled by cops for over 12 hours. They provided him with a list of questions in writing, and asked that he write his responses. Cops said Peter spent a long time thinking before he wrote his answers, which were quite lengthy.

These questions were then also put to Indrani separately, to see if her answers matched. Meanwhile, Indrani’s lawyer turned up at the police station at 10 am, but could only meet her client at 12.30 pm for 20 minutes, that too in the presence of cops. Indrani was also allowed a new set of clothes.