Sheena Bora murder case: Prosecution compares Peter Mukerjea to Dawood Ibrahim

Apr 27, 2016, 08:20 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

If Dawood Ibrahim could plan and lead the 1993 Mumbai blasts all the way from Pakistan, who’s to say Peter Mukerjea didn’t conspire Sheena Bora’s murder while he was in London? This was the argument presented by the prosecution yesterday.

It was after the defence pointed out that Peter was in London at the time of the murder that CBI prosecutor Bharat Badami quipped, “Dawood was also in Pakistan during the 1993 blasts.”

Peter Mukerjea
Peter Mukerjea

This oblique comparison to Dawood was made to argue that even though Peter was in London at the time Sheena was murdered, it does not rule him out as a co-conspirator with his wife, Indrani – the prime accused.

Not to be outdone, defence lawyer Aabad Ponda declared, “Call Peter a fool, a henpecked husband who didn’t have control on his wife, but you can’t call him a conspirator.”

Ponda read out details of the CBI chargesheet and then pointed out that the same document made it clear that Peter was never in touch with Sheena, or with DCP Deven Bharti. It was Indrani who was friends with the DCP and was in touch with him through calls and messages. He ended with a sarcastic observation that according to the CBI’s own chargesheet, they can have no objection to Peter being granted bail.

The prosecution will continue arguments today and all the accused in the case will be presented for remand. For now, the court has issued a letter rogatory (formal request to a foreign agency for judicial assistance) to the Interpol to track foreign financial transactions related to the case.

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