Sheena Bora told her best friend she couldn't forgive Indrani Mukerjea

Sheena Bora would share everything with her best friend and former classmate from Guwahati, Sanjana Raktim, and just two weeks before her death, they had discussed how happy she was with her fiancé Rahul Mukerjea. So, Sanjana couldn’t believe it when she received a message from her saying she had broken up with Rahul and had found someone else. Sanjana’s suspicion grew when Sheena suddenly cut off all communication.

Sanjana and Sheena were best friends and former classmates
Sanjana and Sheena were best friends and former classmates

The CBI’s supplementary chargesheet includes a testimony from Sanjana that confirms yet again that Sheena had a rocky relationship with her mother Indrani Mukerjea.

Sheena's email
An email dated October 26, 2009, from Sheena to Sanjana reads: “…I am not in touch with my mother…she cant change I hav understood that till now. I don’t wish to make my life difficult by getting bak in touch with her. She has never made any efforts to make things better things betwn us. After all the delhi incident and again trying to get me chucked out of my job. I have no good regards for her…I cannot forgive her.”

Sheena had told her friend that Indrani had made several efforts to separate her from Rahul, from sending her to Delhi, to plying her with sedatives and snatching her phone.

Sanjana said, “In November 2011, Sheena showed me a ring on her finger and told me she got engaged to Rahul at Dehradun and intended to get married the next year. She looked very happy. I had last spoken to her in the second week of April, 2012. She told me everything was fine between her and Rahul.”

Then, on April 24 or 25, 2012, Sanjana received an SMS from Sheena’s number that said she was breaking up with Rahul and she had found somebody else. The message also said that Sheena would be off Facebook for a while and that she was changing her mobile number. The message said Sheena would give Sanjana the new number, but asked her not to share it with Rahul.

Sanjana was surprised by the message, and immediately tried calling Sheena but the call was disconnected. Sanjana got another message that said Sheena would call later. When she tried calling again, Sheena’s phone had been switched off. Sanjana even went to Sheena’s old residence in Guwahati twice, to look for her.

Sanjana added that in August 2015, that her husband told her Indrani had been arrested for Sheena’s murder. At the time, Sheena was still considered to be Indrani’s sister by the general public, so Sanjana approached a senior cop and told them the truth.

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