"Pop music is not there anymore. So, I revived it by doing 'Shabop'. It has a very pop-centric song. There is no pop music here, everything is very techno. I am trying to bring pop back," Shiamak told IANS.

Shiamak Davar
Shiamak Davar comes back to singing with 'Shabop'

Shiamak feels he was in constant touch with singing and music, but adds: "I don't miss singing because I sing everyday in the car, but I miss performing on my original songs."

Talking about the name of the album, he said that he picked alphabets from his name and hip hop, joined them to coin "Shabop". Released Monday on digital medium through the website artistaloud.com, "Shabop" also focuses on the philosophy of "dance without worry". 

Shiamak feels releasing music online is a better option than doing it the traditional way. "I feel it's better to have a low key and let the work speak for itself and I feel digital viral is best," he said. "Shabop" has 10 tracks, including songs by various singers like Hariharan, Shweta Pandit and Shankar Mahadevan.

The 50-year-old started his career with the album "Mohabbat Kar Le" in 1997 and two years later released second album "Dil Chahe" before turning into a full time choreographer.