Shikhar Dhawan not sweating much over technique

Bangalore: Shikhar Dhawan, was giving special attention to his technique (or lack of it) against balls pitched on and around the off stump.

Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan

"I was working on my backlift," explained Dhawan of his earlier stints at the NCA nets.

"I was seeing from where my backlift was coming. It's just a checking thing, you check things over and over again to make sure that things are fine because technique is one thing where little change brings a huge impact. That's what I have learnt with time, that I need to make sure my basic structure of my technique stays the same. That helps me to perform better," he added.

Dhawan has struggled in Tests outside India. Talking of the challenges on the WI tour, Dhawan said: "You have to adapt yourself to the pitches over there, the conditions over there."

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