The festive season has kicked in, giving women just another excuse to indulge in jewellery. The stores are flooded with women oohing and aahing over everything that glitters. But if you're in a dilemma about what to buy this festive season, here's some help. Geetanjali Khabrani, head, marketing and PR, Mahesh Notandass, tells CS what's in fashion:

Who: Geetanjali Khabrani, head, marketing and PR, Mahesh Notandass
What: Talking about festive trends
Where: Mahesh Notandass Jewellers, Bandra

Pearls of wisdom
Pearls set in diamonds are selling like hot cakes. What makes pearls so appealing is the fact that they are classic and timeless. And they give you a chance to play with coloursĀ -- you could choose from the Baroque pearls, the South Sea pearls or the Tahitian pearls. Women of all ages can do justice to themĀ -- if you're an elderly lady, you can wear a string of pearls on a plain sari, while young women could just opt for a stand-alone ring or an elegant pair of earrings. At Mahesh Notandass, we have a wide range of jewellery in rose cut diamonds and pearls.

Diamond dreams
Emeralds and rubies teamed with diamonds are also very popular. These semi-precious stones not only look beautiful, but also have astrological benefits. Our chokers in different shaped diamonds are also a hit with women. Having said that, less is more this season. Women are opting for solitaires and cluster diamond pieces instead of donning too many jewellery items and looking like Christmas trees. Mid-length earrings are a rage. Even men are turning to jewellery these days. In our store, we have diamond bracelets, rings and cufflinks for them. Charms like evil eyes and Fatima's hands are also becoming popular.

Buy the way
I find the modern day customer very aware and informed about jewellery. Now people know that they want to buy certified diamonds, while earlier they didn't know what that even meant. So, we try to give our customers value for money. In our store we have a couple of multipurpose items like a pendent that doubles up as a mang tika or a bracelet that can also be worn as a neckpiece when attached to a chain. And we also have many designs that we don't duplicate because our customer wants exclusivity. After all, we're here to dazzle her with our designs.