'Shirtless' Sonam Kapoor posts picture with plunging neckline

Chulbuli Pandey

Sonam Kapoor uploaded this snapshot of hers on social media sites. Dressed in a white tuxedo jacket with matching pants, the actress has given the shirt a skip.

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

The fashionista has stepped out in plunging necklines before, but this makes her look smoking hot. The picture has gone viral on the net and her fans feel she has scaled new depths!

  • anonymous05-Apr-2015

    I would have said, even if naval was visible it would have made some difference in your looks.However, your looks looks are not even worthy noticing. You don't even look beautiful, I wonder how someone can say you look hot.I must say, the photographer also needs to work more to make you look good.

  • Zaheer05-Apr-2015

    Wah wah Anil Saahab beti ne aap ka naam roshan kardiya....You see how great when you know how to raise and upbring your children? First lesson...take it from film Salaam Namaste..."..mein hindustaani tha!!!" after kicking your Indian sanskaar the clothes will come off by itself...........

  • Krish05-Apr-2015

    Wonderful click... both the photographer and the actress really worked hard on this...

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